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Question and answer

Who is Bram van Dorp

As a little boy I used to watch Paris - Dakar on TV every January with my father and always said "I will do that one day!"

My father had a car company and when I was about 14 years old he traded in a dirt bike. A Kawasaki 250. I could have it if I would work for it and that's how the riding started. Immediately on my 18th I got my motorcycle license and bought my first enduro. Many domestic and foreign rides were driven and my group of friends in motorsport was growing. Despite all the motor fun... The dakard dream remained.

1998 I registered with a Belgian tour company to drive for a week in Morocco. I bought a KTM Adventure and hit the road. From there it really went wrong. I became addicted to the desert, the speeds and the adventure and Morocco became an annual getaway. In 2003 I felt I was ready for the real thing and signed up for the Cross Country World Championships in Dubai. With a 16th place overall I was Rooky of the year and Dakar came closer and closer. In 2007, after a lot of saving, training and many weeks and kilometers in Morocco, the time had come. I finished my first Dakar in a nice 50th place overall and 12th in the box classification. 2008 I really went for it. Built a lighter bike, trained hard and had ambitions to go for the win in the box classification. Unfortunately, the rally was cancelled. That year I won the Libya Desert Challenge which showed that my form was good. I am an African person and driving the Dakar in South America was not an option for me. In the years that followed, many trips were organised, including completely off-road motorbikes from Morocco to Timbuktu and various rallies on the motorbike and as a navigator in the car.

Now it's time for a new adventure. Letting other people enjoy this great sport.

Who is this trip suitable for?

This trip is suitable for every level from the real beginner to the advanced rider who is in possession of a motorcycle license. We adapt our routes to the level of the riders. Usually  it are groups of friends who book a week and the level is generally the same. If you book alone, it is advisable to state your level so that I can see when there is an equivalent group that I can place you with.

How does it work with a front passenger?

We drive according to the D-system, which means that the first rider behind the driver in front stops at an intersection and only leaves when the last one has passed and then joins behind. This way it rotates at every intersection and you always come forward one spot.
To keep things clear, we also drive with a maximum of 7 people. (6 participants and driver)

What equipment do I need?

The basic equipment is good MX/Enduro boots, knee pads, body protector, gloves and helmet with goggles.
90% of riders have their own clothes. If you don't have anything, we have a lot of basic clothing for rent. Then contact us for the sizes.
A camelback is also indispensable.

How is insurance arranged?

Our motorcycles are third-party insured. Crash damage is therefore at the expense of the driver. On arrival you pay a €400 deposit. Damages are settled at the end . In practice, the damage is not that bad and is usually limited to a lever or a gear lever. Then you will receive the remainder of the deposit back. If you drive the entire exhaust twice, you must of course add a little.

Despite we do everything we can to organize a safe journey and minimize risks submit arrival complete a statement on this journey own risk and responsibility.

Good travel insurance is definitely recommended. Preferably with an additional policy for risk sports.

Which airport are you flying into?

You fly to Alicante. There are several flights a day from the Netherlands from Amsterdam, Eindhoven  and Rotterdam and Brussels. 
We live 25 minutes from Alicante. You will be picked up by us on arrival and brought back to Alicante after the trip. 
It is the intention that all participants take the same flight. We only drive back and forth once.

Where do we stay?

 Monovar is a typical rustic Spanish town half an hours drive from Alicante. Here people live the relaxed life of Spain and the terraces, restaurants and bars are well represented, as well as various supermarkets, banks and shops. You will stay with your group in your own apartment in Monovar, within walking distance of the center. If you feel like popping into the pub after driving and dinner, you can.

What are the driving days?

We only drive on weekdays. During the weekend it is very busy here  with walkers, mountain bikers, horse riders, etc. Of course we don't want to cause any inconvenience to them.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are listed as driving days on the site. Can we also drive more days?

Yes you can, as long as these are weekdays. If you have an early flight on Monday, we can still drive the same day. Arrival on Sunday and departure on Saturday is also possible. Then you have 5 full driving days. Please inquire about the price and the possibilities.

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