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About us

Adventure for every level

After almost all my life seeing motorsport as a hobby and adventure, I decided to make it my job in Spain (Alicante) and to give every motorcyclist the opportunity to enjoy the off-road, enduro and experience a rally feeling. For the novice adventurer we will teach you the mastery of the motorcycle on the stones and the advanced riders can indulge in the many beautiful trails, single tracks and challenging climbs that the Costa Blanca has to offer. Unlimited driving fun and adventure is guaranteed for every level!

Our home base is located in Monovar, half an hour from Alicante airport. In the middle of the town you have your own 6-person apartment. In Monovar there is plenty of opportunity to grab a terrace, dive into the cafe or eat at good restaurants.  In the morning we pick you up where we have breakfast at our house and the bikes are ready for action. In short, a motor trip you must have done!

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